Insights on Finding & Funding Your Dream Engagement Ring

Kristy Cullinane, Plum Diamonds founder, recently sat down with the finance wizards at U.S. News & World Report, sharing invaluable insights on finding—and funding—your dream engagement ring without putting your finances into a deep slumber.

Kristy debunked the age-old myth that price tag correlates with love given. She gently reminded us that love doesn't wear a price tag and that each budget is as unique as the love story it helps to tell.

Instead of costly quests, Kristy championed the Plum Diamonds approach: make sure your diamond ring is aligned with your values and priorities including financial ones.

The right amount to spend on an engagement ring is entirely personal and up to you. It's different for everyone, so ignore any old adages about spending 3 months salary.

Since the rising cost of daily life has been affecting everyone, there's even more appeal to an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

To make the purchase a little easier, we do offer ShopPay Installment plans, which break up your ring payments over time. Each shopper is presented with their own personalized installment plan at checkout.

PAY-OVER-TIME TIP: Many jewelers (including Plum!) offer buy-now-pay-later options. Be sure to consider interest rates and understand how long any interest-free period will last.⁠

Visit our FAQ page to learn about payments accepted and more.

If you want more financial tips, from how to finance an engagement ring to whether you need a deposit to do so, check out the rest of the U.S. News & World Report Article on engagement ring financing.

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