Free Ring Sizing

We know it can be tricky to get the right ring size at home. If you receive your Plum ring and it doesn’t fit, we’ll resize it for free within one year of purchase. After that, if fingers change like life changes, we’ll resize it again once a year at no cost.

If you need to have your ring resized, email care@plumdiamonds and we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label. Shipping and return shipping is free and insured.

Should another jeweler resize your Plum ring, the complimentary sizing that comes with your Plum ring unfortunately would be invalidated. This is because we can't vouch for the workmanship or materials used by other jewelers.

Visit our Lifetime Ring Care page for more details. 



Getting the right size can seem daunting, and it’s best to see a professional jeweler. Still, with the right tool and a few minutes, you can do it from home.

- Use a pro-approved metal ring sizer and not a zip-tie like sizer. The zip-tie lookalikes are too wide and flat to give an accurate size.

- Order a free Find Your Diamond Kit. More than just a sizer, the kit includes everything you need to find the perfect diamond ring, right from home. We collect a $100 deposit and refund to you when the kit is returned. Shipping is free.

- Purchase a real, jeweler-approved metal sizer for $7. Shipping’s on us. Order your ring sizer here.



Once you’ve got your jeweler-approved ring sizer:

- Pick a ring on the sizer and start trying it on. Go up and down in size as needed.

- Do not force the sizer on if it’s too tight. Instead, go up a size or two.

- You want the sizer to fit snugly; it should not come off without tugging gently.

- Once you’ve got a snug fit that’s not squeezing too tight, read the number on the ring sizer. Choose this size when customizing your ring.


Check out our post about how to find your ring size, and if you you'd rather ask a jeweler directly we're here for you! Contact us now