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There's no better time, and no better option than a lab grown diamond for your ring upgrade. Join 1000s of women who've made the switch.

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Ring Upgrades, Priced for Everyone

The cost to upgrade a diamond engagement ring can be surprisingly affordable, considering the value of lab diamonds. For example, a 3ct round round solitaire in 18k can start under $3,500. That's for a colorless, high-quality lab diamond center and includes lifetime care. Better yet, pay over time starting at 0% APR*. *Learn More About Shop Pay Installments

Getting the Ring Design You REALLY Want

We get it. Styles change. Or, maybe you never had a ring you REALLY loved. Plum designs are timeless, modern, and if you don’t see what you want—easily customizable. We can create any design you’ve got your heart set on. Learn About Custom Design

Lab Diamonds: Quality & Ethics to Feel Great About

Lab created diamonds are real diamonds that are grown for superior Color and Clarity, at a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds. Certified by the GIA and IGI, lab diamonds are favored for engagement ring upgrades for ethical and environmental reasons. Learn More

From Women, For Women

Plum was founded by women, and we’re still here working one-to-one with clients like you looking for their “dream ring" upgrade. Let us help you discover a lab diamond engagement ring or wedding ring upgrade that you truly love, one that is worthy of all the years behind you—and all those to come.

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When do you upgrade wedding rings?
Some women decide it's time after just a few years, others choose to upgrade their rings after decades of marriage.
We also have many couples approaching us together, looking to commemorate a special milestone or anniversary. There's no "right" time, except whatever time feels right to you or you and your partner.

How do you go about upgrading your wedding ring?
How to upgrade your wedding ring or engagement ring is completely up to you. Our clients come to us for a brand new lab grown diamond ring that reflects their current aesthetic and lifestyle. You can choose something totally different (for example, changing from a round diamond to an emerald cut) or do something more subtle, like swapping a .75ct round to a 2.75ct round lab diamond ring.

What to do with old wedding ring after upgrade?
You have a few options. Our clients usually keep their old ring as a family heirloom. If you have a trusted local jeweler, you can ask about reworking your old ring or resizing it, so you can wear on your opposite hand.

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As a client once said, "I married the man, not the ring!" We believe that, while your original ring is an important symbol, your love story is much more. Why not wear a symbol that represents where your story is today? (And one that you actually love!)

What's the wedding ring replacement etiquette?
Many women are nervous about expressing interest in an engagement ring or wedding ring upgrade. They may worry about hurting their spouse's feelings or seeming ungrateful.
However, we work with so many women and couples who are so thrilled with their ring upgrades and believe that the initial nervous conversations were well worth it. They recommend being honest, clear, and kind about the reasons you'd like to upgrade your ring.
Most couples agree that it's important to love today's ring, and they consider it a symbol of the love they share now. They want each other to be happy!

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