Anne Sage x Plum Diamonds and the Perfect Tennis Bracelet

Photo credit @citytsage

Seriously talented (and fun!) designer, author, and mom Anne Sage had a problem; she was having trouble finding a modern, ethically-sourced tennis bracelet. After a bad experience with one of our competitors, Anne and Plum Diamonds connected (we're not just lab grown diamond rings!). We got straight to work on getting her the PERFECT tennis bracelet: 3.5 carats of lab grown diamonds, set in a slim row of yellow gold bezels. The result is a timeless, understated-yet-show-stopping bracelet that Anne can wear every day, forever.

Oval Lab Grown Engagement Rings

Get your own perfect bezel-set lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet - or give one to Mom.

Not a bracelet wearer: Shop solid gold, classic favorites crafted with ethically-sourced lab-grown diamonds. Mom would be so proud!

Oval Lab Grown Engagement Rings

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