Three Stone Lab Grown Engagement Rings

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Three stone lab grown engagement rings

Sometimes three stones are 100% better than one, especially when those stones are precious, sparkling lab grown diamonds from Plum Diamonds.

Did you know: three stone lab diamond engagement rings make for an even more meaningful proposal due to the lore surrounding the three diamonds. Each sparkling stone represents your past, present, and future together. We can't think of many more romantic things.

A three stone engagement ring comes with great customization options for accent diamonds. At Plum Diamonds, we know you two deserve the best quality and a one-of-a-kind crafted ring.

Considering a three-stone pear engagement ring? Here's an idea: a classic round brilliant diamond framed by two pear shaped side diamonds makes for an elegant and unique statement that you'll never grow tired of. 

Oh, and a three diamond lab grown engagement ring will create the illusion of a bigger stone due to the eye-catching brilliance of the three diamonds as a set. Imagine that diamond sparkle spread across an entire finger!

At Plum Diamonds, we offer a lifetime warranty on your dream lab diamond ring. Plus, we want to ensure your unique engagement ring gets to you safely and swiftly, which is why we offer free overnight insured shipping.

And you already know this, but you'll never need to worry about supporting mined diamonds at Plum Diamonds. All of our beautiful stones are lab grown and ethically sourced for peace of mind and soul. Are you ready to say, "I do," to a three-stone diamond engagement ring? Check out the entire dazzling collection.