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Platinum Engagement Rings

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Platinum engagement rings

If your love is rare and strong, it deserves a metal that is equally robust and cherished. Enter platinum. This malleable noble metal is extremely resistant to tarnishing and corrosion and makes for some truly jaw-dropping lab grown diamond engagement rings. Since it is the only pure white metal, platinum doesn’t require any plating! That’s right – your platinum lab grown diamond ring will stay never lose its luster or color, making it an ideal choice for a family heirloom.

At Plum Diamonds, we don’t take the rarity of platinum for granted. That’s why we work closely with our expert casters to produce the highest quality platinum pieces. Plus, being stronger than gold, your lab grown diamond rings, whether they be three stone, cathedral or solitaire, will always be safe with a platinum engagement ring setting. So go ahead, celebrate your love worry-free!

Every Plum platinum engagement ring is backed for life and responsibly made from the finest metal alloys and lab diamonds, costing far less than their mined counterparts – an ethical, eco-friendly way to go bigger, better, and brighter.