Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Available in all metal types. Start with a design, customize, then select your perfect lab diamond.

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Emerald cut engagement rings

Start with a timeless emerald cut engagement ring style, customize your design, and then choose the perfect lab created emerald cut diamond. 

You've already come across emerald cut engagement rings if you're looking for a simple and classic engagement ring that's not at all yawn-worthy. Just because an emerald cut diamond has straight, linear facets doesn't mean that it's boring. In fact, we believe the emerald cut is full of drama, what with its long, Hall of Mirrors-type step cuts that let in lots of light. We can't think of a better cut to show off a very high quality, high clarity-grade diamond.

Emerald cut rings are certainly not just for glowing-green emeralds, and this cut is here to win you over with its show-stopping rectangular shape. When you first look at this art deco shape, you may be transported back to an age of decadence and passionate romance.

At Plum, we're all about making the custom design process as unfussy and straightforward as possible. Start with our thoughtfully styled selection of emerald cut lab grown diamond rings and customize yours with white or yellow gold, rose gold, pave stones on the side, or even create an emerald cut halo ring. And an emerald cut lab grown engagement ring with a matching lab diamond wedding band is a heart-stopping (in a good way) combination, so consider one of Plum's matching bands to complete the perfect pairing. 

A free lifetime of servicing ensures your emerald cut lab diamond engagement ring stays as beautiful thousands of days into your marriage as it did on day one. We promise made-to-order to last forever.

And of course, a striking emerald cut diamond does not have to be a moral quandary anymore. Our ethically sourced lab grown diamonds help you make a beautiful choice in your heart and on your hand. Conflict-free, no mined diamonds in sight. All crafted in our own facility that's been certified responsible by the global leader in responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry. That's the Plum Diamonds difference.