Ethos x Plum on How to Care for Your Ring

You've just bought the ring of your dreams, and since you love it so much, you can't bring yourself to take it off. What does that mean for all that sparkle? It becomes a bit grimy and dull.

Thankfully, our co-founder Kristy Cullinane sat down with ethos to talk all things diamond care.

Here are some of the things we learned from their chat!


We're always proud when Kristy gets to tell the world why lab-grown diamonds are a fantastic alternative to mined diamonds. Next to some beautiful imagery of our best- selling solitaire settings, she talked all about the advantages of a (wo)man-made diamond.


How do you need to care for your diamonds?

- Clean Your Ring: use mild dish soap and warm water to remove the residue of life.

- Take it Off: avoid exercising, cleaning, showering, and gardening while wearing your most treasured piece of jewelry.

- Annual Inspection: even the most well-made piece of jewelry will need regular inspection to check for loose stones or broken prongs.

Did you know Plum Diamonds offers a Free Lifetime Warranty? That's how you know we have complete confidence in our quality jewelry and want it to be with you for a lifetime. This includes a free service, which means you can send in your ring for a spa treatment that involves:

- resizing

- polishing

- prong checks and tightening

- professional cleaning

- general restoration

- free shipping both ways!

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