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Oval engagement rings

We have a soft spot for oval lab diamond engagement rings, the magical option for a long, lovely, flattering engagement ring look. What's not to love about oval engagement rings? They've got the dazzling sparkle of a round brilliant cut, a super elegant appeal that never gets old, and an added dash of value — the longer, more shallow cut of an oval diamond ring can make it look like a larger carat weight.

Plus, in general, oval cut lab grown diamond rings cost less per carat than their round siblings. Ovals are great set in most styles, from simple oval engagement rings to twisty, unique oval engagement rings. Whether you choose an extra-sparkly oval diamond halo engagement ring or a more understated hidden halo oval engagement ring — or maybe you've got your heart set on a classic oval solitaire engagement ring — you're going to get an elongated, drool-worthy look.

Ovals are always in style, even the most humble and simple oval engagement rings. A pro tip? The lower the length to width ratio, the fatter the oval. Most oval diamonds have a ration within 1.3-1.6, and the lower the ratio, the less elongated / more square your diamond will appear.

Another tip: you've probably heard of the Oval Diamond Bowtie. It's less fancy than it sounds and something to look out for. It doesn't show up on the cut grade, so keep in mind that the more elongated the oval diamond is, the darker the bowtie can appear.

We make all of our own jewelry and warranty it for life. Our metal alloys are used by the best jewelers in the country, so have confidence choosing from platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold oval halo lab grown engagement rings — or no halo — and every other possible style you can imagine.

When you choose one of Plum's lab grown engagement rings, you're getting a diamond ring unique like your love story and made with loving care. Shop our lab diamond oval engagement rings today or contact us to get help creating the perfect oval diamond ring.