Featured On InStyle's 2023 Best Lab Diamond Jewelry List

You know us; we like to sing the praises of lab-grown diamonds, both 9 to 5 to 9. Our undying love for keeping things sparkly and ethical never ends.

Now, InStyle officially agrees with us, and we are featured among some other heavy hitters on this list of 23 The 23 Best Pieces of Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry for a Sparkly 2023!

Leafing through a glossy copy of InStyle is a fond memory for us. Now exclusively online and more relevant than ever, we love to see the magazine having meaningful conversations about lab diamonds and sustainability.

Our co-founder, Kristy Cullinane, was asked to provide her professional input on the environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds. She spilled the diamonds on all things water usage, land disruption, and mineral waste! Believe it or not, mining from hundreds of miles under the earth's surface has quite the impact.

Onto the sparklies!

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