10 Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas: Unforgettable Moments


When it comes to a wedding, the bride isn’t the only one who gets a proposal. Much of the fun is getting rounding up your girlfriends (or guy friends) to ask the question, will you be my bridesmaid? Just like the original proposal, the more personalized it is, the more memorable.

Some brides like to create a full gift bag or box, preparing for bachelorette festivities. Other brides like to keep it lowkey. No matter your style, your plans, or your color scheme, you can make your bridesmaids proposal a memorable experience. Here are some of our favorite things to give as a bridesmaid proposal gift to get your wheels turning:


Because they help keep tresses un-stressed with natural fiber, silk scrunchies are a must-have accessory.

This little gesture is pretty, useful, and cheeky with a little note saying “I can’t tie the knot without you!” or “to have and to hold your hair back.” Plus, you can do it in your wedding colors to ensure they’re prepared and on theme for the reception.


Whether you’re having a big wedding bash or something more lowkey, jewelry inevitably comes into play for the wedding party. A personalized jewelry dish is a perfect gift to tie into the glamor of your big day. It also is a memento that they can use when the party's over and think fondly back on the day you popped the question to them.

Mini travel jewelry box

Whether you have a destination wedding or you’re celebrating your nuptials close to home, this bridesmaid gift is both handy and cute. Complete with ring slots, necklace hooks, and separated compartments, your whole bridal party will swoon over this gift. This classy and timeless little bridesmaid proposal gift can come with any message that you like. Keep it classic with “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and let the customized colors, initials, and ribbons shine.


One fun and cute way to ask “will you be my bridesmaid?” is to do it sweetly. Pairing a fun and festive donut with a little note saying “I donut know what I’d do without you?” who could resist a bridesmaid proposal?


What's a party without a little pampering to go with it? A bath or shower bomb is a sweet way to tell your bridesmaids “you’re the bomb!” and ask her to be with you on your special day. Pair it with any other pampering materials, like a silk sleep mask, slippers, or the ever-useful robe that she’ll wear while getting ready to round out the perfect proposal gift.


For the plant lovers in our crews (especially the ones in low-light city apartments), a succulent makes for a cute environmental bridesmaid proposal idea. Though it doesn’t necessarily have a direct relation to the wedding process, it sends the message that “my wedding would succ without you.”

Coffee date

Just like your own proposal, a bridesmaid wedding proposal is most memorable when it’s an event. Invite your sisters and gal pals over for tea or coffee, and serve it up in this mug.

There may not be a diamond ring on the bottom, but the message at the bottom of the mug will surely be an exciting moment during a simple coffee date.


Champagne flute wine tumblers are adorable ways to propose to your bridesmaid. Not only are they incredibly adorable and super handy (she likely doesn’t have one yet), it brings a bit of excitement to the process. Customize it any way you want and complete the moment with the message: “It’s my turn to pop the question.” Of course, popping a bottle of champagne is also highly recommended.


Hot or cold? It’s up to you, but reusable drink tumblers are a great gift that can be very welcome to busy bridesmaids. It’s also a chance to show off your wedding style, and establish what colors they can expect to get very familiar with over the next few months!

Knot bangle

In sickness and in health, your bridesmaids are your best friends. These knot bangles are an upgrade to our childhood friendship bracelets. They make a beautiful token of friendship and pair perfectly with the wedding theme of "tying the knot."

Mix and Match

Once you invite your bridesmaid to join in planning your special day, the wedding celebrations can officially kick off. This is a big moment, and a little thoughtful gift-giving is what makes it so memorable. Whether you’re giving a simple elegant gesture or curating a gift bag, any of these gifts will be loved and remembered.

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