Solitaire Lab Grown Engagement Rings

Keep your diamond center stage with simple, classic solitaire ring design.

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Solitaire lab grown engagement rings

Solitaire engagement rings are a superb choice if you want to let that center diamond SING! Imagine this: your diamond set front and center, overlooking a slim band that's like, "nothing to see here! Look up at that beautiful rock on top, she's the star of the show!"

Browse our curated collection of platinum and gold solitaire lab diamond engagement rings right here on this shiny collection page, or jump straight to specific solitaire styles: tall center settings that hold that big diamond high, more low-key baskets that keep the diamond closer to earth, and sweet cathedrals that make the band look like it's integrated with the center diamond.

Our round solitaire rings are always classic, but of course we've got oval solitaire engagement rings, emerald cut engagement rings and other shapes ready to stand alone as striking one-stone solitaires. We'll craft your favorite in a stunning white, yellow, or rose gold solitaire lab grown diamond ring.

Want another idea? Solitaire engagement ring purists may poo poo this next suggestion, but you could add a hidden halo and give that center diamond extra oomph and sparkle from all angles. This looks great with any center shape, too - oval solitaire engagement rings, round solitaire engagement rings, emerald cut - you name it, any shape is going to shine on you.

Whether you are looking for a charming rose gold solitaire engagement ring, a trendy two tone platinum ring, or a classic gold solitaire ring, we have a design for every engaged-couple-to-be.

Who should not wear a solitaire engagement ring? Anyone dying for a three stone ring or halo engagement ring style. In contrast to solitaires, these other engagement rings have an extra party going on around the center diamond. Some couples love the look of three stones or halos, others prefer a solitaire engagement ring to really show off a drool-worthy center diamond and leave the setting in the shadows.

Are solitaire engagement rings boring? Only if you consider simple perfection boring. And who would ever call a 2ct solitaire engagement ring boring? Unique solitaire engagement rings are unique because of the one-of-a-kind lab grown diamond set in the center — and because of the one-of-a-kind wearer. 

Tips for getting your dream solitaire engagement ring: 1) go for a lab grown center diamond, so you can show off the biggest and whitest diamond possible without having to live off ramen for a year 2) consider a two-tone setting with platinum prongs and a gold band if you're eyeing rose or yellow gold solitaire engagement rings 3) choose a setting that is not insanely thin - yes, you want a whisper of a band to show off that juicy center diamond, but anything too wimpy and you can expect that skinny band to get bent out of shape in no time. The big diamond solitaire sitting on top of that ring deserves better!

Still not sure a solitaire is for you, and think you want to add a bit more bling to your ring? Check out our three-stone lab grown engagement ring collection or any of the other collections we offer to find the perfect ring for your perfect love. We offer free shipping and a free 30-day return policy on all our lab grown rings so that you can feel confident in your choice.