Round Engagement Rings

Start with a classic round style, customize, then choose your lab diamond. Available in all metals.

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Round engagement rings

Would you consider yourself a classic sort of person who appreciates the finer things in life? Then a round lab grown diamond engagement ring could be your match made in diamond heaven....

At Plum Diamonds, we know round cut engagement rings make a timeless statement you'll admire every day for decades to come. No manicure needed (but maybe a little manicure helps). Our stunning collection of round lab grown engagement rings has been thoughtfully designed around diamond-centric styles that never go out of fashion. Intuitive custom design is the name of the diamond game. We know every person is unique and deserves a custom ring to seal the deal, so every ring is made to order in our own facility that has been certified-sustainable. 

Do you have ethical concerns about a round-cut engagement ring? No need to worry. At Plum Diamonds, we only use ethically sourced, stunning lab grown diamonds to grace your finger forever. Our diamonds are never mined and always give you more bang for your buck.

Diamonds were first cut into the classic, round shape in the 17th century, but it wasn't till 100 years ago that they started to gain popularity for their well-balanced look. Most jewelers agree that a round brilliant-cut diamond uses its perfect symmetry to provide maximum glow and sparkle. If you were asked to picture a diamond engagement ring, a round brilliant cut solitaire ring is likely the first thing that would come to mind. There's a reason this shape is so unmistakably classic.

We want our solitaires, round halo engagement rings, round three stones — all of our rings — to grace fingers with confidence. This is why we provide a lifetime warranty with every ring purchase. So, are you ready to make memories that will last a lifetime? Choose a classic, round-cut engagement ring —  round cut engagement rings can attract eyeballs and will put your new heirloom piece center stage. In other words, be prepared for a little diamond ring attention and a lot of confidence in your decision to go lab grown with Plum.