Rose Gold Lab Grown Engagement Rings

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Rose gold lab grown engagement rings

There is no flower more romantic than the rose, so perhaps there is no metal more romantic than rose gold. Made from an alloy of 14k gold, our rose gold is durable and romantic without the hassle of rhodium plating. The delicate pink hue will last forever and gives your lab grown diamond engagement ring a bit of a soft vintage look.

Our unique 14k rose gold engagement rings compliment any skin tone with responsibly sourced bands and sustainable lab grown diamonds of any cut from round, to pear to oval. Reputably certified and custom crafted just for you, our rose gold lab diamond rings offer a trendy, impeccably made piece without the need to compromise on carats or values. Whenever you’re ready to create your rose gold lab grown diamond engagement ring, Plum’s team will be here to help you step into the next chapter of your love story.