Pear Engagement Rings

Select a classic design, customize, then choose your pear diamond. Available in all metals.

    Three Stone Ring with Pears

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Pear engagement rings

Besides being named after another juicy and delicious fruit, pear shaped lab grown diamond engagement rings bring a LOT to the table!

There are plenty of reasons to love pear shaped diamond engagement rings, and we’re here for them all. Pears look long, graceful, round and juicy but with an edge — we think pear shaped engagement rings are a fantastic fit for many styles.

For example, pear shaped halo engagement rings are a nice juxtaposition of bold center diamond and a delicate circle of outer diamonds, while a pear shaped solitaire ring is going to pop and say, "look out, world, I’m a super fruit and can stand on my own!"

Sometimes pear shaped diamonds are called teardrops, but there’s nothing sad about them. Happy tears only over here. They’ve been around for 500 years, but today’s pear engagement ring styles feel so fresh. We keep it timeless and love simple pear shaped engagement ring styles, like pears with pave, gold pear shaped engagement rings, pear shaped rings with hidden halos.

One thing everyone loves about pear shaped engagement ring is the extra value you can get with this juicy shape. Pears tend to look larger than plums rounds, so you get a little more bang for your buck. They also tend to be more forgiving with clarity grade, meaning you can typically go a little lower on the clarity scale. Not really necessary when buying lab grown from Plum (we don’t offer low clarity diamonds), but good to know you’re not stuck in the VS range, should you find a lovable SI. Another reason Plum loves pears.

No matter which pear cut lab diamond ring you choose, the question will remain: do you wear the point up or down? Traditionally, the point of a pear shaped diamond point ups and away from the palm of the hand. Do whatever feels right to you, or change it up as you please. We support whatever makes you happy!

When you order your pear shaped diamond ring from Plum, you get the finest quality made just for you, free lifetime servicing, and all the feel good benefits of lab diamonds: better for the planet, gorgeous, no need to spend more than you have to.