Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings

Start with a halo design and then choose the perfect lab made diamond centerpiece.

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Halo engagement rings

Are you familiar with the Halo Effect? Wearing a halo lab diamond engagement ring is a going to make your ring finger glow and glitter with that extra row of tiny diamonds.

Not exactly sure what makes a halo engagement ring? It's the heavenly ring of micro diamonds that hugs the larger center diamond. Your center lab grown diamond will feel the love and look way bigger, no matter the shape - whether it be an oval halo engagement ring, emerald halo engagement ring or cushion cut halo engagement ring - or really any cut. The halo setting engagement ring is pure glam x 10.

Halo lab grown diamond rings are available in all metal colors, so go for a rose gold halo engagement ring or yellow or white. Or you can get the best of both worlds and mix metals; choose a white platinum halo with a yellow or rose band to really make your center diamond pop.

Looking for a cathedral halo lab grown diamond engagement ring or one with tiny accents under the halo? Look no further than Plum, where we're ready to craft the perfect custom halo diamond ring just for you and your perfect love story.